Business Account Terms and Conditions
Eligible Business Accounts
Dance studios and authorized dance programs (such as park districts, schools, not-for-profits, churches, etc) are eligible to hold a business account. 

Currently, Nimbly is only available in the United States. Future versions will include Canada.
Business Account Setup
All Nimbly business account applications are under review until eligibility is verified. Verification can be accomplished in the following ways:
  • If you already have a Revolution Dancewear account, verification will likely be instant. Just enter your Revolution account number or email here. If your account can’t be immediately verified, a Nimbly customer service rep will contact you within 1-3 business day to get your account up and running.
  • If you do not have a Revolution Dancewear account, applicant must provide proof of business via website URL, cancelled business check, or copy of lease. Proof should list applicant as owner/director and name of business. Once provided, your account will be verified within 1-3 business days.
Just can’t wait to open a Nimbly storefront? Email us directly after sign-up at and we can bump you to the top of the list ;) Store Setup
Business accounts will set up their very own Nimbly storefront once their account is verified. The following information is needed to set up a Nimbly store. These details will display via the storefront to let consumers know who they are shopping with.
  • Studio Name
  • Studio Address/Contact Details
  • Owner/Director Name
  • Contact Name and Title
  • Studio Logo
These details can be updated at any time in the account tab in your studio portal.
Business accounts will select a personalized URL at time of store setup. This is how consumers will find the correct Nimbly storefront to purchase their dancewear and costumes.
Your students can also find your studio storefront by using our handy-dandy studio locator search page when they go directly to
Customize Store
Business accounts can sell dancewear and costumes to their students two different ways and will select their store type during setup:
  • Create dress code lists assigned to individual classes or a group of classes. Dress code lists are perfect for selling required dancewear, tights, accessories, and costumes.
  • Through an open storefront containing all Revolution Dancewear available dancewear, tights and accessories. This is the easiest way to make extra income by selling dancewear by promoting your store URL.
  • Combination of 1 & 2 – This is the most profitable store!
You can change your store settings at any time in the account tab in your studio portal.
Costumes are always shipped to the business account, already organized by class and labeled by dancer. There are two shipping options for dancewear/tights/accessories. These options are controlled by the business account and can be updated via the studio portal:
  • Ship to studio – dancewear/tights/accessories are batch-shipped once a week to the studio. Items are labeled by dancer for easy distribution. A $3.50 per order fee is charged to the consumer when dancewear is included on the order. This is to cover the extra packaging and labor involved with sorting/labeling the product. There is no shipping fee charged.
  • Ship to consumer – dancewear/tights/accessories are shipped directly to the dancer. Shipping is calculated and charged to the consumer in lieu of the handling fee at $5.25 per order plus $.75 per item.
A completed W-9 form needs to be added in the Account Settings tab of the business account portal in order to process commission payments once a month. The business account holder is responsible for claiming Nimbly profits at the end of the year when filing taxes if required. Nimbly will send a 1099 after the close of the year.
In addition to the W-9 form, business accounts must add their banking information. Monthly commission payments are paid automatically via bank transfer only. This information is kept secure in your Nimbly portal and can be updated at any time.
Creating Dress Code Lists & Setting Prices
Business accounts create dress code lists by logging into the dashboard and selecting Manage Shop. Simply sign in to to get started. Watch helpful tutorial videos here.
Business accounts designate their own selling price when finalizing a dress code list. These prices display in the Nimbly storefront and are the prices consumers are charged, plus any additional shipping and handling costs based on the shipping preference assigned to the Nimbly store.
Offering a Full Dancewear Online Store
By selecting to have a full dancewear online store, Nimbly will automatically set the dancer prices of the products that aren’t already assigned through dress code lists at 10% below retail. The business account earns the difference between the studio wholesale cost and the Nimbly selling price (less fees). Shipping and handling is added to the consumer order based on the shipping preference assigned to the Nimbly store.
Option A. Consumers purchase directly from their studio’s Nimbly storefront by following these steps:
  • Browse products and purchase direct from the open storefront OR select their class/dress code list from their studio’s homepage. Finding their list is easy. They can search for their specific class, or filter by department.
  • Go through each product to select appropriate size/color and adding to their shopping cart.
  • Nimbly processes, fulfills, and ships the order based on the shipping preference assigned to the Nimbly store.
Nimbly collects sales tax from consumer purchases according to the sales tax rate of the billing address.
Shipping and Handling
Non-Costume Products
Nimbly gives business accounts two options for shipping: ship to studio and ship to consumer.
  • Ship to Studio: If store is set to ship to studio for non-costume products, Nimbly designates a ship “day of the week” to business account holders at the time of account setup. All consumer orders received during the week will be held and shipped together on the designated ship day each week. Consumer orders are packed in a clear polybag and labeled with a packing slip that itemizes the order. Consumer orders are then packed together in one shipment and sent to the business account’s designated shipping address via UPS ground. This makes receiving and distributing Nimbly orders a snap – furthering our mission to make online shop-keeping easy! Most items are in stock when consumer orders are received. In the event we are out of stock on an item, we will ship it as soon as it becomes available. Shipping status of consumer orders can be viewed at any time from the Orders tab in the business account portal. Worried about communicating order status to your students? Don’t! We have that covered. Your students can also see the status of their orders at any time in the Order History section of their Nimbly account. To help cover the cost of packaging and fulfillment, there is a $3.50 per order handling fee charged to every consumer dancewear order shipped to studio.
  • Ship to Consumer: If store is set to ship to consumer for non-costume products, Nimbly will ship orders on-demand directly to consumers. When this option is selected, consumers are charged shipping on each order that contains non-costume products and the items will ship to their home. Shipping is charged at $5.25 per order, plus $.75 per each non-costume item.
  • This option may be more convenient for your dancers and is the default store setting for non-costume items. Select this fulfillment method if your dancers won’t mind paying a little extra for the convenience.
Costume Products
Costumes must be assigned via a dress code list and are always shipped to the business account, organized by class and labeled for each dancer.
Consumers pay a per-item fee for all costume pieces. The fee increases as the season progresses. Nimbly knows how important it is that costumes arrive on time and that every dancer has a costume. We’ve created this system to help manage parent ordering for your business account.
Order Date Costume Per-Item Fee – Full Costume Costume Per-Item Fee - Costume Separates
16+ weeks prior $4.99 $2.99
14-16 weeks prior $5.99 $3.49
10-14 weeks prior $6.99 $3.99
6-10 weeks prior $8.99 $4.99
Under 6 weeks prior $10.99 $5.99
Return/Exchange Policy
Nimbly’s first priority is to make your online shop-keeping a breeze. That’s why we accept returns and exchanges on dancewear, and exchanges on costumes. We’ll even cover your return shipping expense!
Returns and exchanges must be requested by consumer or studio administrator within 30 days of order shipment through our online Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form. Consumers and studio administrators can initiate an RMA through their online Order History at
  • Items being sent back must be in new condition with intact original packaging.
  • Returned items must ship in a cardboard shipping box. Shoe boxes must be packed inside a shipping box or we cannot accept the product back.
  • If an exchange is being made, consumer will select a substitute product at the time of filling out the request and the transaction will be processed as a new order. Exchanges are processed as new orders, and refunds will be given after the returned item is received back.
  • All refunds for returns and exchanges are for merchandise purchase price only. The credit card used to place the order will be credited within 15-20 business days of receipt of return/exchange to the shipping warehouse.
  • Labeling Rules: Upon completing the RMA form, you will receive a pre-paid UPS return label via email. Returned items must ship in a cardboard shipping box unless they are soft goods such as ballet shoes, leotards, skirts, shorts, pants, socks or tights. Hard goods, such as all shoe boxes, must be packed inside a shipping box or we will not accept the product. Do not tape or damage your shoe box or the item will be refused. Print your RMA Summary and include it inside the package.
  • Consumers and studio administrators use the free return shipping label to ship their return/exchange to the address provided with the RMA #.

Attn: Nimbly
6100 Howard St
Niles, IL 60714
Commission Payments
Let’s cut to the good stuff – getting paid is easy when you sell dancewear and costumes through a Nimbly storefront.
Commission payments are calculated by taking the product selling price less wholesale cost and Nimbly storefront fee. Here’s an example:
  • A ballet shoe has a wholesale cost of $10, and a studio selling price of $20.
    • Consumer pays $20.00 plus applicable shipping fees.
    • Nimbly collects 12% of the product total to cover the costs associated with hosting your online store, fulfillment, customer service, etc.
Simple as that! Do nothing and collect extra profit while you are busy dancing.
Commission payments are transferred once a month directly to your bank account via ACH transfer.